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Digital Asset Exchange

Global Digital Exchange is a new cross-era artificial intelligence decentralized trading platform with virtual artificial intelligence market maker (GDE) and NFT digital as the core. Based on artificial intelligence algorithms, a smart exchange that protects the interests of investors is established and operated on the Balanced Smart Chain (BSC).

Digital Gold Exchange

NFT gold trading auction contracts include spot physical contracts, spot contract, spot deferred settlement contract.
Spot firm contracts include: Au50g, Au100g, Au99.99, Au99.95, Au99.5, PGC30g, Pt99.95, iAu100g, iAu99.99, iAu99.5, of which iAu100g, iAu99.99, iAu99.5 are international contract;
Spot contracts include: Ag99.9 and Ag99.99;
Spot deferred settlement contracts include: Au(T+D), mAu(T+D), Au(T+N1), Au T+N2), Ag(T+D), NYAuTN06, NYAuTN12.

Digital Stock Exchange

Digital Property Exchange is a global leader in digital stock trading, and a state-assisted central enterprise realizes a new cross-era NFT stock trading decentralized trading platform with digital assets and NFT numbers as the core. Based on the smart contract algorithm, establish and operate a smart exchange on the smart chain to protect the interests of investors.


NFT Digital  Bond

NFT bonds are securities that use blockchain smart contracts to raise funds, pay a certain percentage of interest at an agreed time, and repay the principal at maturity. According to different issuers, it can be divided into government bonds, financial bonds and corporate bonds. When an investor buys a bond, it's like borrowing money from a government, a large corporation, or other bond issuer. Of the three, government bonds have the least risk because they are guaranteed by government taxes, but also have the least returns. Corporate bonds have the greatest risk, the greatest reward

NFT Digital Gold 

NFT digital gold currency is a form of electronic currency based on the quality of gold. The typical unit of measure for this currency is the gram or troy ounce, and sometimes gold dinars are used. Digital gold currencies are funded through unquota or decentralized gold storage. Digital gold currency providers hold gold as reserves in blockchain smart contracts to automatically execute transactions, sub-spot, and futures,

NFT Digital Stock 

An NFT digital stock or capital stock is a marketable security through which a company limited by shares allocates its ownership. Because a joint stock limited company needs to raise long-term funds, it issues shares to investors as part of the ownership certificate of the company's capital, and becomes a shareholder to receive dividends or/and dividends, and to share the profits brought about by the company's growth or trading market fluctuations; but also To share the risks posed by the company's operating errors

NFT Digital  Fund

NFT investment funds, or collective investment plans, investment trusts, refer to the collection of funds of a group of people, and the investment is managed by smart contracts to create higher investment returns. According to the principle of benefit sharing and risk sharing, it is a tool to concentrate the funds scattered in the hands of investors for quantitative investment and application.


NFT Digital Real Estate 

NFT digital real estate is everything you see online related to real estate. A more specialized term is virtual property. Therefore, all websites, domains and URLs are in the form of digital assets, and like most assets, they are worth the money. Maybe it's time to buy your first digital asset


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